Pro Copy & Printing Inc. is often recognized in the area. Here's what our customers are saying online...

Roman H.
San Francisco, CA

"I needed my wedding invitations done right and fast, and Pro Copy & Printing managed to get it done the day I ordered it. And that was me calling it in around noon. They helped me format my images that I brought in on a USB drive, they helped me pick out card stock, drove to pickup special envelopes, and every step of the way were friendly, attentive, and casual. The price was reasonable, too."

"Would highly recommend them for any project you're working on."

Laura J.
Oakland, CA

"These guys are worth every star that I gave them. They were extremely helpful, attentive to their customers' needs, and generally really friendly. I walked in with a small drawing that I wanted blown up into a poster, and when I expressed concern about my budget and asked for regular paper the guy doing the printing actually came out to show me how much of a difference having gloss paper would make (and he was right, it made the image look a lot sharper and pop out dramatically). I was ready to say 'no' because of the increase in expense, but he told me that he would use the higher quality paper for the same price!! I was absolutely ecstatic because I've been wanting to contribute this poster to my karate school, which has a few but not too many quality ones, and they were willing to help me make something that not only looked awesome but also didn't cost as much. What was really sweet was that while I was waiting, the guy offered to let me use the computer in the back to surf the internet if I was bored. The poster itself looks amazing and everyone at my karate school was just as excited as I was. I'm so, so glad that I found this place!"

J S.
Oakland, CA

"These guys are fast, helpful, and aim for excellent customer service. I wanted to print up some photos of my cast, and they let me sift through my documents, review them on their computer, and never made me feel rushed or unwelcome. They were kind enough to print a sample print for me, which reassured me that they have great quality prints. I will definitely go back to them!"

Lempi M.
Oakland, CA

"I love them too. I came in here to mass produce my Christmas letter in color. Honestly, I didn't give a rip about the quailty, just wanted something quick and dirty. The staff however, cared a great deal, and I got a better product than I bargained for (great paper and beautiful imagry) at a reasonable price."

Gloria B.
Oakland, CA

"Ditto to what everyone else said. I was desperately looking for a copy shop that could handle my not-very-complicated job in 24 hours without charging a fortune. Pro Copy and Printing came through big time. Sam was very nice, competent and responsive. "When, after realizing part of my order wasn't quite right, I had to return to get another copy of something on the spot, they did it for free (even though the mistake was mine, not theirs) and even helped me with my slightly odd request to buy some blank butcher paper (they just gave me some leftover paper - again for free). I will definitely be giving them my business again."

Ruth M.
Berkeley, CA

"These guys rule."

"I emailed a document (, confirmed my paper choice in person, and they offered to tri-fold the letters and deliver them for free. Plus 10% off with Yelp. 500 double-sided copies for $148."

"So they're basically awesome, but these guys go above and beyond. This is my fifth order or so this month, but there are also people there getting copies so I don't think they'll remember me. They remembered me, the brochure I was getting additional copies of, and which paper I used last time. So when I said I wanted a lighter orange on the phone, they pulled a sheet of every orange in stock for me to choose from when I got there. Aces."

Aug 27, 2010

"Absolutely positively the best!‎‎"

"I've never written an online review before, but I've been burned so many times by crappy copy shops that I feel compelled to take the time and rave about the wonderful service at Pro Copy. Everybody I dealt with was incredibly friendly, and more importantly, competent and helpful. Kinkos? Goodbye forever! I'll never go anyplace else but from here on out."

Tommy H.
Castro Valley

"I just got 200+ color copies from them today. Great & friendly service. Excellent price! Kinko will probably charge me three times the price."

"Service was fast. In and out within 30 minutes, including proofing."

"Pro Copy & Printing has promo 50 color print for 29 cents each on their websites. They also do full color vinyl banner with UV protect ink for $12 per sqft."

"Highly recommended!"

Move Like Water W.
Oakland, CA

"I had a great experience here - friendly, efficient, and very reasonable prices!"

"I had to print a few copies of an extra-large document from a flash drive. Paula patiently sat with me at the computer and printed out an extra-large copy for me to review before I committed to buying copies. When she saw that it came out blurry, she went back to the document and noticed it could be printed as three 11"x17" documents. She then cropped it and printed it out for my approval."

"The original estimate was about $20 for very large color copies. I ended up spending around $4 for the smaller black and white copies, and Paula was super sweet about the whole thing. She didn't push me to get the more expensive color/oversize copies. Everyone here is super nice - I'd recommend it for anyone looking for an affordable and honest copy service!"

L. Chrisman
Mar 22, 2010

They are friendly and professional.Very quick turn around time. I have used their services for years and they have never disappointed our non profit organization.

Mar 1, 2010

"I have been using Pro Copy and Print for over a year now for all of my printing needs. They are extremely helpful and do a great job every time. They offer a service that is far superior to Kinko's at a price that is more affordable. I highly recommend them!"

Maya M.
Oakland, CA

"Amazing! For cheaper than Kinkos I got a printing job completed with excellent customer service and no extra charge for them printing out my documents, stapling them, etc."

"I just had to print out outlines for some studying I had to do, but I didn't want to print out hundreds of pages at home. So I brought my flash drive (usb) here with my outlines, and gave it to them. THEY printed it out double sided, stapled, with NO Extra charge! Dude, at Kinkos you have to pay to get on the computer to print out your stuff, and pay per page. All I paid here was around 10 cents per page. Because I had to print so many pages they gave me a discount to ten cents a page. And they organized them, printed them out for me, and gave me all the personal service you don't expect from Kinkos. Without any of Kinko's extra charges!"

"All this wonderful service, just for my own little outlines! If you don't have a printer and need print papers, this place is amazing. I am sure they are amazing for other services too. Customer service was Excellent!"

Feb 1, 2010

"I usually come to Pro Copy to print flyers and I will continue to patronize them because the staff is not only extremely competent but very friendly. For instance, you can email them your image/flyer/whatever and they'll have it ready for you to pickup within minutes. My orders are often last minute and yet they are helpful enough to stay open past closing to finish my request. They are definitely pros. And I love the opportunity to support local. oh, yeah, totally affordable. It's ridiculous."

Bing Toledo
Customer Service
Dec 16, 2009

"Highly Recommend‎‎"

"Pro Copy and Printing has very quick turnaround time and quality work, Friendlier service (and often cheaper) than FedEx Kinkos(office) stores, the UPS Store CopyCentral. They offer digital color copies, black and white copies, large format printing, business cards, binding services and banners. It's nice when the locally owned business actually IS BETTER than name brand stores in the area.‎ I will definitely recommend this store to anyone. I really like Pro Copy & Printing in Oakland, they really provide great service and make you fill important and have great prices on Color prints .39 cents and b/w copies .05 cents . Give them kudos! Discounts are offered on large jobs. They deliver too, no charge. They always come through on rush jobs. You will not be disappointed!"


"I am a college student and my finances are always a concern. I do ample amounts of research, make comparisons and then decide where to take my business. I recently had a school report that I needed multiple copies of, in addition to it needing to be printed and bound. Upon my research, I stumbled on a local printing store Pro Copy and Printing. When I went to the business, I was blown away by the expertise and knowledge of the employees! The customer service was extraordinary and I was shown several examples of what they could do with my report. I felt they understood my financial situation and worked with me in creating a beautiful presentation that was in my price range. I will no longer hesitate, nor research where to take my printing and copying needs - Pro Copy & Printing has everything the chain stores do while adding their own personal charm. Support our local businesses and choose Pro Copy & Printing!"


"I was really in a hurry to have 4 banners done in the same day and when i went to Procopy and Printing to my surprize the manager said yes we can make it happen.They have courteous,friendly and quick service.I would definitely recommend them to my friends and colleagues."

Artistic Director - Musical Organizations

"There are many choices of printing and copying companies in the East Bay, and I have dealt with quite a number of them! In my experience, Pro Copy & Printing is, by far, the best company I have dealt with. There are four things that set this firm apart from all of the local competition. Speed, quality, a high degree of expertise, and an eagerness to assure that the customer is fully satisfied."

"Speed- In contrast to the larger chains, which will deliver your project days or even weeks after your deadline, Pro Copy & Printing has an excellent turn around time. I've walked in off the street with the complicated project many times and often they've been able to complete it within hours or by the end of the business day."

"Quality- The company has the machinery and the materials necessary to insure excellent quality, in fact, much higher quality than anyone else I've dealt with. So many other companies never take the time to get the resolution and the colors right!
"I get a high quality product every time with Pro Copy and Printing."

"Expertise- Here is where they really excel! The owner has an extraordinary amount of skill with layout and design, and a great facility with computer programs such as Acrobat Professional. He has been able to produce beautiful documents, from scholarly journals and legal documents, to concert programs, posters, and large banners."

"Customer satisfaction- I must say, the willingness of the staff to meaningfully engage with my projects has set them apart from every other company I have used."

"If you are an East Bay or Oakland organization or business looking for a really responsive printing company with a great turn around time, then honestly, you should call Pro Copy & Printing. I can't recommend them highly enough!"

Alameda, CA

"Great deals to be found here!"

"Friendly, professional, courteous, hard working & SUPER helpful staff."

"I literally have NO complaints about this place. Had beautiful business cards made here for CHEAP! Can't wait to use them again then the time comes!!!"



"The people at Pro copy & Print were so helpful! I had to print my wedding invitations and by my own mistake barely had enough for a few mistakes and they were incredibly meticulous and attentive and the invitations turned out great! The customer service was very refreshing and I would go back there for any other printing/copying needs!"

May 8, 2009

"These people are incredibly nice and understanding. They try really hard to make sure everyone is happy...I think I waited 5 minutes to be helped and the lady kept apologizing and thanking me for my patience."

Take Vitamin D

"Good print shop. All the basic services. Competent and helpful even on small jobs."

Sep 29, 2006

"Great Customer Service !: YES - there are places in Oakland with great customer service, and this is one of the best! I needed to print last minute wedding programs and these guys were able to do so quickly and accurately. Heck, they even spotted one of my errors and were able to fix for me. Highly recommended!!!"